Download Windows 8 Final Release ISO

I don’t normally post techie articles on my adult industry porn blog, but I *REALLY* wanted to upgrade to the final release of Windows 8 today and all I could find were links to preview candidates and RTM bullshit. I didn’t want the Windows 8 Enterprise ISO download! Where the hell is the Windows 8 Final Release ISO so I can install the professional edition as a clean install?

As it turns out — it was right in front of me. Here’s how I got to download Windows 8 Final Release ISO:

I downloaded the Upgrade Assistant from the website and allowed it to evaluate the shitty laptop I was using (an old HP running Windows XP). The Upgrade Assistant first offers you to make purchase which I went ahead and paid $40 for. I started to freak out a little because right after the purchase, I was given a product key and then the assistant then began an internal download of files. But I wanted an ISO! As it turns out, after the 50 minute download finished, I was presented with three options:

  • Install from within Windows XP
  • Create a USB stick for Windows 8
  • Create an ISO of Windows 8 to burn to a DVD disc

So, yeah, that was a relief. Why didn’t the Upgrade Assistant tell me I could do this before I made the plunge? I assume a lot of people will be hunting for the ISO *before* screwing around with the assistant tool, so here is the article to help you understand what happens if you go for it.

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