Merry Christmas Bang!

Hey! This post likely won’t go live until after Christmas is over (I’m redesigning the site) so I figured I’d give you a belated stocking stuffer for being patient. Also, for those of you who never visit this site or who just found it today — it’s your lucky day. Well, sorta. I have a Christmas Banging video I shot several months back and just recently posted in time for the holidays.

So what did Santa bring you? Well, the trailer is just over 3 minutes long and summarizes the hotness of the video quite nicely. Feel free to join the site and download the uncut video — which has a whopping running time of just over ONE HOUR! That’s right! Jenna Suvari was pretty sore after I got through fucking her for that long on Santa’s sofa. This is easily our hottest video together and you won’t be left disappointed.

As a bonus you can also click here to watch the alternate trailer with the black/white/red holiday filtering disabled.