Realdoll Sex Doll Videos and Movies

Let me tell you a story about how I decided to buy a RealDoll and start a RealDoll fucking site. I was sitting at home fucked up on painkillers. I was well enough to be surfing the web. So, while I’m sitting there, fucked up, I went to the site and purchased me a blonde, blue eyed RealDoll. I thought, hey, fuck yeah, I’ll put her in a chair and make her watch the front door and it’ll scare people who would otherwise break into my house and make them think there’s a person there. After my $6,000 check was cashed, however, reality set in and I realized I needed to make that fucking money back. I figured, hey, what the hell, I’ll fuck the doll on camera and make a site. Sweet idea. I got linked from the RealDoll site itself and was quite popular. The site is still up and I’m happy to still be running it. I actually posted new realdoll sex doll videos that I’ve filmed this year (2007) to the site, so Stefanie (the doll herself) is still not above getting fucked for cash. Check out the videos I shot this year. Pretty sweet, huh?