Little Abbie and her moron boyfriend

Yes, I Shoot Porn

So, this is my first blog entry as myself. I’ve usually gone by several names in the past. Tran Bueller is the most common one. Not sure where the fuck that came from. Little Abbie is my partner in crime, turning me to the dark side in October 2000. Anyway, I’m here to share tips and tricks and also to blog with ya’ll. It’s a mildly chilly day down here in Texas but I won’t shake a stick at 40 degrees. Hell, I’ll take 40 degrees over -40 degrees. I can still bust a nut at 40 degrees. Busting a nut while fapping to however — fuckin’ sad.
Okay. Now that I’ve gotten the inauguration bullshit out of the way, my next post will contain useful shit. Please stand by!