Bionic Intelligence, Partner for New Web Series

HOUSTON — Bionic Intelligence and have partnered to deliver original content utilizing the latter company’s newest artificial companion product offerings.

Bionic’s founder Steve Awesome said the partnership will primarily result in new content for its flagship website

“This is the newest love doll technology featuring a scaled down product that is lighter, easier to store, inconspicuously shipped, easily moved and extremely durable,” Awesome said. “The dolls are also available at a fraction of the price of full-sized love dolls.”

New scenes featuring the silicone-based models have already begun appearing on the site with more scenes being filmed this summer for eventual release.

“Our new doll actresses are composed of high-quality, platinum cure silicone that offers unparalleled softness as well as flexibility thanks to a specially designed articulated skeleton. We can make these dolls do anything a full-sized doll can do and with greater realism. You won’t be able to tell the difference,” Awesome said, adding that the alliance does not mean an end to working with Bionic Intelligence’s existing repertoire of RealDoll and BoyToyDoll performers.

“We plan to continue shooting 2D and 3D high definition videos with all of our existing silicone actresses for the foreseeable future. Our members value this variety of unique niche content so it’s in our best interest to deliver what the customer wants,” Awesome said.

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