Bionic Intelligence Adds 3D Content for Nintendo 3DS

Bionic Intelligence announced today that all its current and future productions would be filmed in stereoscopic 3D and made available in formats compatible with the Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

The company is known for its niche genre sites which include and Production in 3D began in 2011 on a limited basis, but based on current market trends and the growing availability of 3D viewing devices, the company decided to add 3DS compatible video for its subscribers.

“We’ve been able to rig custom 3D gear to offset the higher production costs using off-the-shelf prosumer equipment,” explained Steve Awesome, founder and operations chief for Bionic Intelligence. “When offered the option of a 3D vantage point, our site subscribers overwhelmingly choose 3D content over 2D.”

Standard 2D content can still be created from 3D content by utilizing only one of the two left and right channels. ”We won’t be locking out any subscribers who prefer two-dimensions over three,” Awesome said. “Heck, we’d even offer a black and white version if there were any demand for it.”

Recent scenes for the site starring amateur porn actress Jenna Suvari have already been published and made available in multiple formats including the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. and also have begun featuring 3D compatible content for the gaming device.

“When Nintendo released their December update, they did the adult industry a favor by supplying consumers with millions of 3D capable devices at an affordable price,” Awesome said. “The process for converting 3D video to Nintendo 3DS compatability only takes minutes. Subscribers merely download and copy the files to their SD card for viewing on the device,” added Awesome.

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