Steve Awesome trains in newbie stripper Natalie Nixon

Natalie Nixon Fucks

Natalie Nixon (also known as Korree Star) walked into my Model Texans Sex Training Gym thinking that I’d be training her to be sexy. Instead she got a full hands-on course on how to suck my dick, how to get her pussy eaten out, how to fuck and finally how to accept a load of my cum on her pretty little face — and all this before 8 AM in the morning! Nice. First I told Natalie she wasn’t exercising all the muscles she had available. Confused, I had her remove the skimpy workout clothes she wore so her pore could properly breath. Starting with the small holes in her body was easy so I moved on to the larger ones and in no time I’d stuffed Natalie with my rock hard dick soon to be followed with a mouth load of my trainer jizz.

Steve Awesome