Redhead Cali Constance in Steve Awesome's Hot Pink Teen Pussy shoot.

Redhead Cali Constance Gets Fucked By Steve

Welcome to the latest installment of the Hot Pink Teen Pussy series (formerly known as the Pretty In The Pink series)! Little Cali Constance answered my direct message request asking if I could pretty please fuck her tight spinner pussy and slap her perky pale butt cheeks. She said yes and ladies and gentlemen DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! In this video you’ll find out all about Miss Cali and her likes, dislikes, fetishes and so much more! The fact that she drove 100 miles an hour to get to the shoot and hadn’t had sex in 3 weeks made our scenes together even hotter! Oh. My. God. The girl is adorable AF to start off with, but then she’s also hilarious. She has the cutest voice ever. Like, I was a fan the first time I heard her read a grocery list. So, anyway, back to this video: Miss Cali puts up with my interview questions and then goes to town on my rock hard penis that’s so happy to have her 21 year old lips gobbling them up. #WINNING. We then move to fucking and her sexual vocalizing is so hot that it’s hard to focus. I’m a porn star, right? I should be able to hold back, right? I HAD TO PUT THE WORK IN NOT TO BUST RIGHT AWAY! This girl is so fuckin’ hot that I had to bite down hard and think of grandparents and oil rigs and baseball. Wow! Well, before I write a whole novel about what an amazing fuck slut little Miss Cali was, check out this video and see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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