Castings Underway in Texas!

SEEKING: Female talent ages 18 to 29

LOCATION: Houston, Texas, United States

DETAILS: Our site features the theme of WebCams (obviously!) with scenes including them in a variety of ways. Sci-Fi themed shoots are our favorites, but we’ve also done shoots set in a log cabin, Gotham City back alley, Air Force military base, random chat websites and more. Check out the examples below for some examples of what we’re casting. We shoot against a green-screen to accomplish setting our actors in a variety of esoteric locations. Be prepared to do a little minor acting depending upon where you are supposedly located. Bear in mind that no professional acting ability is required. We have a new series we are starting for actors who wish to remain 100% anonymous as well! Check out COMPENSATION #4 below for details.

INQUIRIES: Click here to contact us

COMPENSATION 1: $600 boy/girl action with male talent Steve Awesome
(Random Chat WebCam example below)

COMPENSATION 2: $600 boy/girl action with male talent Steve Awesome
We are currently booking female talent for our first shoot in the ‘Eyes Why Shut?’ series where the model has her identity hidden by a colored mask and performs sexually for Steve Awesome live before a webcam audience. The model is completely nude for 100% of the shoot aside from wearing a colored mask and similarly colored lace gloves.