Casting Female Actors from Texas for!

SEEKING: Female talent ages 18 to 29

LOCATION: Houston, Texas, United States

DETAILS: Our most popular site features several erotic fetish scenarios involving life-sized or miniature life-sized silicone female dolls produced by Phoenix Studios and The first half of the scene involves the female talent and the silicone doll in a strip club setting. The female actor dances for the doll provocatively at first fully clothed and ultimately ending up fully nude. The second half of the scene involves the female talent, the silicone doll and male talent Steve Awesome set in a private room adjacent to the dance club. The female talent is prevented from ‘hooking up’ with the doll by Steve Awesome who then proceeds to have sex with the doll. In the B/G version of the scene the female talent joins in and shows Steve ‘how to fuck correctly.’ In the alternate version the female talent does not make any sexual contact with Steve and simply berates him at random times until he finishes. Examples of both scenes are shown below. Feel free to click the email link above if you have questions about this particular scene.

INQUIRIES: Click here to contact us

COMPENSATION 1: $600 for full scene including b/g action with male talent Steve Awesome (example below)


COMPENSATION 2: $300 for full scene (no b/g action)  (example below)


COMPENSATION 3: $150 dancing half of scene only (example below)