Texas Jobs For Hands Interview With ScarlettRed

I was in Philadelphia recently and found a lovely young redhead who went by the name ScarlettRed. She showed up for the interview promptly and was a super sweet cutie! This was actually my first 3D handjob scene and was shot with a FujiFilm W3 point and shoot camera. The resolution has been increased for HD and there’s lots of Adobe Premiere goodness lathered on it. This was the only scene I ever used it for and it served its purpose (I didn’t have my two Canon Vixia HF20 cameras that I use for my full HD stereoscopic shoots these days). Good times!

Enthusiastic big breasted ScarlettRed takes my penis in her hands and expertly caresses it until my man juice spurts out all over her big ol’ titties. Enjoy the 2D and 3D versions by visiting ModelTexans.com and look for ScarlettRed from there. Free samples abound, plus if you sign up you get access to all seven of my web sites!

And now, the sample galleries:

3D ScarlettRed Teaser Video Gallery

2D ScarlettRed Teaser Video Gallery