Spinner Pretty Like Drugs Fuck Coaches Steve Awesome

Spinner PrettyPunkGirl Watches Me Fuck A Realdoll

Gorgeous hottie Pretty Like Drugs returned for more fun in this sex scene feature myself, Pretty, and of course Realdoll Tasia Teya Simone. We pretty much go at it right away and this video follows along the same narrative that you’re used to. I was originally going to fuck Pretty as well, but she got cold feet. Funny thing is that since this shoot happened we’ve already shot a handjob scene for ModelTexans, and she’s calling me to set up another full on sex shoot (which I need to do but I’m working on the funds — she’s an actress, dammit!). So, in the meantime tide yourself with the following real doll sex video samples that I’ve made available.
There’s nothing quite like Abyss Creations’ BoyToy sex dolls when it comes to rubber or silicone fetish videos. I’m shooting another video today with a model who has yet to be named. We’re thinking we’re goingt to try for the sex scene again. Come on, Steve, I know you can do a boy-girl-doll scene. Let’s do it! In the meantime, watch:

Already flustered by Tasia Teya Simone Doll's flirtations at the club, Pretty Like Drugs decided to go home and try for a hookup.

Little did PrettyLikeDrugs know that Steve Awesome was already in on the same plan. Steve succeeds and Pretty has to watch him fuck her hardcore over and over.

Sexy PrettyLikeDrugs is totally nude for most of the scene while an equally nude Steve Awesome bangs away in front of her with no where to escape.

Steve Awesome's thick penis easily slid in and out of Tasia Teya Simone Doll while poor little PrettyLikeDrugs had to watch and tough it out.