Little Tasia Teya Simone Doll’s Adult Video Debut

I’ve acquired a new doll model recently and was able to switch her out with my favorite super wide eyed plastic whore Tila Teen. After a lot of thinking and inspiration, I decided to name her Tasia-Teya Simone Doll. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but history has shown that there’s a certain hot chick look that is always in style. The super petite chick is one of the rarest of all breeds. Super petite is the term that I best like to describe it. Others have called them spinner girls (where you can spin them on your dick while you fuck them cause they’re so tiny). Either way, Tiny Tasia-Teya Simone Doll fits right around my cock like a glove! And she’s got her first video online today on My music got a little new age on me this time around. In fact, I have another 14 songs that I’ve licensed for that are like this, so expect a nice series of videos to come along. I plan on shooting some MFF scenes with one of the females being Tasia-Teya and the other being a live model for the first┬átime on RealDollSex. My previous sexual dalliances were limited to, but that’s all changing! So check back often as I add new content and get some surprises ready. And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for… introducing the newest member of the Bionic Intelligence family… Tiny Tasia-Teya Simone Doll!