Boy Toy Doll Tila Convinces 18 Year Old Stripper From Rhode Island To Give Her A Table Dance

I don’t get to meet a lot of gorgeous 18 year old girls from Rhode Island, but when I do it’s well worth my time. We flew in Christina (her real name!) to the studio from her home in Rhode Island. Her military fiance was stationed off somewhere in Europe and she’d grown really bored. She stumbled upon an advertisement I had in the Rhode Island Craigslist and got her adorable 18 year old sexy ass up here to shoot two scenes. The first is posted below. Of course you know what the second part is going to be? I’m fucking the doll while she’s laying next to it. I plan to talk this girl into doing some boy-girl with me pronto! She has the cutest boobicles that I’ve seen in a long time! Check this shit out: