Leave Texas Model Britney Alone… But Watch Her Sex Tape

Britney is actually one of our models that used to pose naked for us.  There’s nothing better than having a little hot stripper chick suck your dick, right? Documentation kicks ass! So, yeah we got her to come in and fuck whatever guy she was going out with two times in exchange for a nice boob job. The doctor in Houston Texas does amazing as you’ll see in the next video from this series. Here’s the first video, however, and Britney has cute little tiny titties in this one as she takes a nice pussy pounding from the back.

Britney is only related to the more famous singer Spears by name. Unlike the latter, our Britney had gorgeous tiny breasts that we loved to suck on and pinch while fucking her gorgeous shaved pussy. One day we asked her if she wanted to make a couple of sex tapes in exchange for a boob job with a surgeon. She said OK and this video is the first part that we shot prior to the big day. Britney’s boyfriend (at the time) happily volunteered to fuck her hard and fuck her good for us. Moans, orgasms, and a facial ensue as you get to see Britney in split screen filmed by two camera men. Watch this 19 year old student take cock in every position — and love every minute of it. Enjoy those petite boobs while you can because in part 2 you’re going to see some biiiiiig changes.

Here’s the followup videos! Check out Britney’s amazing huge full-C breasts heaving as she plays around with a new guy. We continued our tradition of shooting two different camera angles while Britney gets her sweet pussy banged, fingered, and sucked. Her partners starts off a bit flaccid as he’s scared of our cameras. Britney eventually prepares him enough for part 2 where the fucking really starts up! Britney loves to get fingered and you see a lot of this happening in the first part of the video. How many fingers can we stuff up Britney’s hot little twat? We lost count!