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Liz Ashley and the Tila Teen Sex Tape

Dude. I had video of hottie blonde model Liz Ashley where she was sitting around and talking to us about whatever was going on back in in the day. I’m thinking this was, like, a long time ago. Anyway, it

Steve Awesome Fucks Teen Abbie Bueller On Night Vision Cam

Below you’ll see me fucking 18 year old blondie Abbie Bueller in a night vision cam scene that’s very much like the Paris Hilton Rick Solomon fuck video that made the rounds a few years ago. Abbie’s pussy was so

Leave Texas Model Britney Alone… But Watch Her Sex Tape

Britney is actually one of our models that used to pose naked for us with Abbie. The first photo below is actually of a set that she and Abbie did with me sucking my dick on camera. Nothing better than