One of the first shoots with our Boy Toy Doll featured her in a cosplay style Alice in Wonderland outfit reading a copy of the book that I probably should return to the library. Awkward. What happens when you return books after you’ve had them for 20 years? Anyway, the final outcum (sic intended) of the shoot is featured in the last photo.

Watch Christina’s solo dance video then watch me fuck this RealDoll right in front of her:

Here’s some still photography samples from our photo shoot starring the delightful Christina. We found her through MySpace so you can probably guess that this was taken a few years ago.  Our Boy Toy Doll has a pink streak going and she’s wearing our shocking blue hippie girl wardrobe. Christina is wearing a tiny little stripper outfit purchased locally from Venus Unveiled in Uptown Minneapolis. We shot this using our Canon 40D using an AlienBees Ring Light attachment. The set? An extra room in our (former) gigantic apartment. Sigh!

Last one of these. April did a great job at improvising her insults as Steve bangs away at the Boy Toy Doll (as is the tradition for this series).  Here: silence is golden.

Buy the video where I fuck this RealDoll in front of April here:
Watch April give the RealDoll a topless dance here: