The effervescent Liz Ashley in some amazing shots taken in my house in Houston. You may notice that no effort was made to hide the electrical and cable TV outlets in these photos. The reasoning behind that is the photos I actually sell get clipping isolation to remove everything behind the model. I only do this to a handful of the shots from any given set. The remaining photography from the series goes up on my web sites – or here. 🙂

Another shoot of adorable model Trisha making use of my lucky dumbbells. I bought these weights originally in Philadelphia, then drove them to Texas when I moved and finally drove them to Minnesota where a beautiful blonde living in St. Paul held them in her hands for a few brief moments.

In honor of the fast approaching 420, as well as the fact that one of my favorite Tumblrs is now following us, I’m publishing a Mardi Gras / 420 mixed set we shot with Gamer Girl Molly. I attended Mardi Gras religiously years ago and would bring along hundreds of crazy lighted beads to give away. These weed beads were one of our favorites because sometimes were given The Real Thing in exchange for the beads. Not too shabby!

they sell porn on ebay say wuhhhhh?

I recently discovered the freaky & unexpected world of *adult* eBay auction / fixed sale listings and stuff. I thought those guys at eBay were freaking commie pinko bastard Baptists with how they were hating on adult sales on PayPal (which eBay owns) years ago. Sooooooo, rather than whine about Continue Reading

Polly shot with us once when we were also shooting with Violet Monroe. She only did implied so it was fun trying to get something going that would make your heart skip a beat without actually showing anything. It definitely helped that she was so fucking cute it was disgusting. The patent-leather bustier in the first set of photos looked so good on her that I gave it to her as a bonus after we finished shooting.

Here’s a set from model Liz Ashley that we shot with all the windows open while she posed on my (lucky) Yamaha baby grand piano. I’m including one slightly awkward pose for you foot lovers out there. This was shot in Houston, Texas just a few days shy of Christmas on December 21st. Makes me what to move, like, right now.

Here are some exclusive shots from a custom set we hired original model Vilette (aka Violet, aka Jessicka) to shoot for us. She was one of the first webcam girls in the late 1990s and early 2000s and was a kinda-sorta forerunner for where we are today. And where are we today? Webcam modeling is now a viable form of income for many women who choose to partake in the scene.

You can view old snapshots of her website Electralux here:

Beautiful multi-talented Gamer Girl adjusting her Nerf weapons and training them on their intended target. I love her colorful framed tattoos. I met her on MySpace and hired her primarily because of her piercing liquid blue eyes. The bonus was that she was gorgeous and spontaneously hilarious.

This is Gamer Chick Lydia in a shoot we did in her apartment while two other friends waited their turn. At the time I had never seen such a perfect tan in my life. These days, however, meh.

A few more from these series that I located: Kandy Koleco, Christina and the chameleon-like PrettyxLikexDrugs. Christina’s photo is from an HD video in case you’re wondering why it’s not like the others. Hey, Electric Company throw-back reference.

A series of promotional tear-sheets featuring my glamour content web site Soooo many people want to buy the domain from me. Sorry. Another super cool chick sold it to me in the 1990s. She even made a mousepad and included it in the purchase.

It’s the little things.

Four shots of beautiful Trisha. We met on MySpace and she was living in a homeless shelter for youths when we shot. Thankfully she’s now married with a child in a good home living in my Texas home town. And yeah, I’m slightly jealous that she doesn’t have to put up with snow storms in April.

This is a simple shoot with my Canon and some lights I picked up from Urban Outfitters. The only trick is holding really, really still.

Another lovely local model who was SO COOL that I wish every model was able to take lessons. She posed on her own, she had ideas, she improvised – all shots were kick ass in this shoot. Hell, I use samples from this shoot on my photography business cards.