Watch me fuck this little doll here:

Way better looking samples of our final produced video (the 2D version for our Tumblr followers in this case). Equipment used: Two Canon HF20s mounted side-by-side for 3D video which fills the entirety of the screen. Two GoPro Hero3 Black cameras with one on a chest mount for POV shots as well as a second on a tiny tripod for voyeuristic shots (or at least my attempts for that). The love doll was provided by the folks at so if you’re in the market for one then you should go buy it. They’re only $1999 right now!

I need to shoot some normal adult stuff to even things out for me mentally. I’m not into love dolls personally but I produce these for those individuals who are seeking this comfort. That, plus I heard I’d get to go to heaven if I did this. 

At first I thought how hard it was going to be to find clothes that fit a miniaturized adult female. As it turns out, Kohl’s has everything.