The very first adult web site I ever worked for was wayyy back in 1999. A little boutique video producer called Nevada Petites sold tapes of girls from Nevada (obviously) being naughty and naked. I can’t recall exactly why I first came across the site – but it was definitely not because I was looking for porno. I still have some of the assets – some of which where deliciously terrible. So many ways to cut off someone at the legs! I cleaned up the HTML, fixed spelling errors and restructured the site so that each video had its own page. I think I got offered to be paid either $50 or in free videotapes. I took the money!

Here’s Lydia and Misty posing for our site back in the flip-phone era. We’d just completed an hour long shoot with Lydia and Misty was feeling super frisky. I managed to snap a handful of candid shots while Misty interrupted Lydia’s phone call. I’d like to take credit for the playfulness but this was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

I believe I was called upon to fix something and we snapped a few quick shots by the window using the Sony Mavica and absolutely no prep, make-up or set-up like true amateurs. 

The always amazing Liz Ashley in a set shot nearly 10 years ago! She hasn’t aged a day. Here is my obligatory “shooting a model against a black sheet” submission.

Comic conventions always end up with nudity in the oddest places. Nude Han Solo in a plastic bag is my favorite and the girls in the KITT car are wonderful lovely people.

I need to get rid of my crappy D70 or whatever it is and get my 5D Mark III on like Donkey Kong. The only problem being that I like to shoot in 3D and I’d need two of them.