Jenna Suvari and Steve Awesome will soon be featured in the fictional Flynn’s Arcade through the magic of green screen and the laws of parody. Would two arcade players ever *really* hook up in an arcade? Actor Steve Awesome think so.

“Ever since I was a kid there was some electrical connection I felt with the arcade and the videogames,” said Awesome. “I’m turning that connection into a physical one by plugging myself into the scorching hot pussy of Jenna Suvari in as many ways as possible,” added Awesome.

The action in the Flynn’s Arcade scene culminates in a fucking session against the old 1980s arcade game Alien Poker. There’s a really good explanation of the arcade game and how it works on YouTube. Not that our horny couple gives a crap about that. Steve eventually is banging Jenna against the pinball machine where he finishes by dropping a load from his pinballs on her back.

Expect lots of interaction with the pinball machine’s tilt feature. It’s a feature, right? Only 1980s video games and pinballs were used. Galleries coming soon once post-production work is complete. As usual, this video will be made available in both 2D and 3D versions. Nintendo 3DS compatible video will be released on the same day. #winning