Watch me fuck this little doll here:

We are going to be shooting with an adult “love doll” modeled after adult women and scaled down to a reduced size in order to make them lighter, easier to store and super freaky. Mission accomplished! First and foremost the doll is a sexual aid that I’ve been asked to create content for. I was skeptical at first but the doll totally does get the job done. I’ve got a rather thick penis that’s around 7¬†inches long and the doll fit me easily.

Finding a dress to fit this doll is a huge pain but I think I’ve located some items that fit the bill. In building our first set some custom picture frames with our studio’s RealDoll and Boy Toy Doll were placed to the side. We plan to publish the first two shoots in the upcoming weeks.

Don’t worry mainstream erotica lovers. We still have more 12th Grader Ashley scenes filmed and will edit and publish those as soon as time permits.

Want to buy a MiniLoveDoll? ¬†Visit the manufacturer’s site at