Here’s Lydia and Misty posing for our site back in the flip-phone era. We’d just completed an hour long shoot with Lydia and Misty was feeling super frisky. I managed to snap a handful of candid shots while Misty interrupted Lydia’s phone call. I’d like to take credit for the playfulness but this was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Watch me fuck a doll while PrettyLikeDrugs watches:

Editing complete. Check out the samples of Pretty and then click the link below to view my new trailer. As you were! You may now recommence perving at your own discretion.

p.s. I just heard that model PrettyLikeDrugs has returned to Minneapolis after a long hiatus to “the ugly state of Virginia” this weekend.  

Here’s a set from model Liz Ashley that we shot with all the windows open while she posed on my (lucky) Yamaha baby grand piano. I’m including one slightly awkward pose for you foot lovers out there. This was shot in Houston, Texas just a few days shy of Christmas on December 21st. Makes me what to move, like, right now.

Beautiful multi-talented Gamer Girl adjusting her Nerf weapons and training them on their intended target. I love her colorful framed tattoos. I met her on MySpace and hired her primarily because of her piercing liquid blue eyes. The bonus was that she was gorgeous and spontaneously hilarious.

This is Gamer Chick Lydia in a shoot we did in her apartment while two other friends waited their turn. At the time I had never seen such a perfect tan in my life. These days, however, meh.

Some glamour shots of the beautiful local model Tiff that I was fortunate enough to shoot with. Check out her tattoo art work. The colors were very vibrant so the saturation on this set is pumped up to highlight that.