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This is Abbie Bueller and my ex-girlfriend Judy. One thing you can’t forget about having a hot bisexual girlfriend is when she helps you photograph beautiful young girls. In this series Judy (my ex) was 25 and Abbie was 18

Watch Abbie fuck for me on camera for the first time: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/308153/Teen-Abbie-Bueller-First-Recorded-Fuck/ Screenshots from the first full-on boy/girl scene I ever shot – and I didn’t even get to film it. My model Abbie’s boyfriend said it would be “gay” if

Goth Girl Abbie Bueller Swallows Steve Awesome’s Dark Meat

Sweet little goth girl Abbie was playing dress-up with Steve Awesome during a photo shoot and came upon brand new black latex gloves and a spiked little collar. Upon putting them on she exclaimed, “Hey! I’m a fucking Goth Chick!” Steve

My Suck and Fuck Doll Abbie

We are so close to launching AbbieTeen.com next month that I thought I’d post up a link to her first hardcore photo shoot that she did with me a while back. Abbie is on her knees outside on the concrete