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Pretty Like Drugs Dick Gripping Audition – gamerchicks-045-14

Steve Awesome clasps her hand against Pretty's perky little boobs as she recited her lines and the result is quite magical. There's even lines related to a 404 page that we hope to incorporate here on GamerChicks.com at some

Pretty Like Drugs Dick Gripping Audition – gamerchicks-045-6

This video is comprised of two shots intended as an intro to Pretty's solo girl video. Only a small 10 second portion of the 4 minute clip was used, but Pretty is so fucking cute and adorable wrangling Steve's

Pretty Like Drugs Dick Gripping Audition – gamerchicks-045-8

Listen to PrettyxLikexDrugs as she goes over her lines and then performs then several times to Steve Awesome's ultimate satisfaction -- all the while Pretty is on her knees and fully nude -- with a gorgeous unshaved bush just

Pretty Like Drugs Dick Gripping Audition – gamerchicks-045-0

Steve Awesome met Pretty Like Drugs on a modeling web site where she clued him in on her interest in shooting more erotic work. As any red-blooded American male would, Steve reacted with glee and jumped up and down

Absolutely fabulous Liz Ashley on my roommate’s leather sofa. I envy that sofa!

Raver Girl Allison (Ali) Is A Green Haired Slut!

In our first scene, 18 year old high school senior Allison drove a long way for her interview with amateur pornographer Chuck. Little did Allison know that she’d be asked to get naked and allow big Chuck to grope all

Texas Jobs For Hands: Jenna Suvari Handjob Casting Interview

The second in our acclaimed series of handjob videos and, as usual, Steve Awesome sets out to get his weiner wanked and shined by young hotties whenever possible. Who made the latest cut? Gorgeous 18 year old Jenna Suvari. When