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Dirty Girl Abbie Bueller’s Blog Making Comeback

Our favorite dirty girl Abbie Bueller will soon be making a comeback of sorts — at least on her blog DearAbbie.com. We’ve imported her previous entries which date as far back as 2002 when she was just a wee dirty

Jenna Suvari in Star Wars Porn Parody

The Empire was just about to strike back when Princess Jenna Suvari pulled up the com cam and drew the interest of nearby Clone Trooper Steve Awesome. The clone trooper was about to report Jenna when she assured him that

Just Got Back From Europe!

Son of a bitch! You know how when you go on international flights there’s always a bunch of newspapers waiting for you to read on your flight so you won’t get too bored off your ass during the 7+ hours

Yes, I Shoot Porn

So, this is my first blog entry as myself. I’ve usually gone by several names in the past. Tran Bueller is the most common one. Not sure where the fuck that came from. Abbie Bueller is my partner in crime,