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Another series of webcam shots from the archives of AbbieTeen presented here in almost unedited form. Abbie takes yet another shower with her dumb BF and he talks her into BJ only love ending in a rare facial (at least

No photographer needed here! This from the webcam we had Abbie turn on whenever she felt like getting frisky. There was a dial-up connection that would send a new photo every 30 seconds to the server for whomever was lucky

Buy this girl-girl photo series here: https://www.manyvids.com/StoreItem/72729/Abbie-And-Friend-Girl-On-Girl-Photo-Set/ In this set Abbie poses with an extra special friend who appeared in a handful of sets for us. I believe we even got her in a webcam shoot which I’ll try to put

The first official shoot for Abbie’s site took place in my ex-girlfriend’s apartment using a Sony Mavica digital camera and lots and lots of floppy disks. We even did a few scenes with the two girls together although I don’t

Figured I’d post some of the original shoots from Abbie Bueller that were taking between 2001 and 2003. At the time I was intentionally using Point and Shoot consumer cameras to give the shoots an amateur feeling to it –

Watch Abbie fuck for me on camera for the first time: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/308153/Teen-Abbie-Bueller-First-Recorded-Fuck/ Screenshots from the first full-on boy/girl scene I ever shot – and I didn’t even get to film it. My model Abbie’s boyfriend said it would be “gay” if

Here’s the video where I force Abbie to watch me fuck this RealDoll: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/344468/Teen-Abbie-Watches-Steve-Fuck-RealDoll/ Abbie Bueller in a shot we made specifically for showing in R-Rated venues. Yes, there really is something in her hand. In the background is our classic

Watch me fuck #sexyteenager Abbie Bueller while I’m dressed up as a #BruceLee wannabe: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/308832/Teen-Abbie-Bueller-Fucks-Steve-Awesome/ My last post today features the irreplaceable Abbie Bueller. Abbie is the reason why I decided to take my erotic photography interests to a new level.

A shot of Abbie Bueller getting her geek girl on. This was shot with a simple point and shoot digital camera back when we did a lot of “gonzo” style photography. These days it’s strictly digital SLR and kick ass

Goth Girl Abbie Bueller Swallows Steve Awesome’s Dark Meat

Sweet little goth girl Abbie was playing dress-up with Steve Awesome during a photo shoot and came upon brand new black latex gloves and a spiked little collar. Upon putting them on she exclaimed, “Hey! I’m a fucking Goth Chick!” Steve

Abbie Bueller And Her Amazing Ass

There’s a reason why I knew an adult web site with 18 year old Abbie Bueller would be a hit — and that was her amazing ass! This photo set was taken in Steve Awesome’s bedroom while Abbie’s stupid boyfriend

Dirty Girl Abbie Bueller’s Blog Making Comeback

Our favorite dirty girl Abbie Bueller will soon be making a comeback of sorts — at least on her blog DearAbbie.com. We’ve imported her previous entries which date as far back as 2002 when she was just a wee dirty

Texas Models Abbie Bueller and Liz Ashley Surfing

I had amazing uber hottie Liz Ashley visiting during one of Abbie’s photo shoots and was able to capture some video of the two girls surfing CamWhores. Abbie has had a cam on their for foreva and eva and eva.

RealDollSex Video Upgrade – Now With More AbbieTeen

AbbieTeen has ordered me to upgrade the quality of all her RealDoll videos so that they’re DVD quality (right now they are rather old school quality compared to what’s out there). So that’s a lot of fun. Here’s a fun