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Gamer Girls Wants To Shoot You!

We found a Nerf gun on sale at the local Target and wondered what would happen if we gave it to the Gamer Girls. After our favorite model shot us in the face several times, we snapped the gun away

Gorgeous Jamie Lee Has Tall Girl Problems

Beautiful model Jamie Lee has tall girl problems, but that doesn’t stop her from stopping into the studio to shoot a set for GamerChicks! We met Jamie Lee thanks to the magic of ModelMayhem and, although she wouldn’t pose nude,

Gamer Girl Kandy Koleco Virtual Wii Bowling

gamerchick kandy koleco

Kandy Koleco got her hot little hands on a Nintendo Wii — which was a rare thing when we did this shoot. So rare, in fact, that the only game we had to play on it came with the game.

Tiny Titties Trisha Totally Tubular

Check out this photo set I shot with 18 year old Trisha earlier this summer. I got her some electric lights that I picked up from Urban Outfitters and had her take her top off and go to town. Long

Gamer Girl Josephine Sabin in the Wild West

Gamer Girl Josephine Sabin is one of the most professional models that I know! Srsly. She has strict rules about what she’ll do when modeling and yet they never really seem to make a difference. In the end, we come