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Masturbating Teen Gamer Chicks

Masturbating Teen Gamer Girls

Our first masturbating teen is beautiful tattooed goddess PixelGirl who’d figured she’d turn on the old timey radio and hit the sack for the night. Sexy sounds were emanating from her old time radio, however… Gamer Girl didn’t count on

Calling All Texas based GamerChicks! We’re hiring!

SEEKING: Female talent agesĀ 18 to 29 LOCATION:Houston, Texas United States DETAILS: Our site caters to those who enjoy sexy nerdy, geeky fun mixed in with their adult erotica. Each shoot is unique and tailored to the model and gaming

Classic Jenna Suvari Scene Recovered! Now in 3D!

3D Jenna Suvari Composite Video Work

Steve Awesome really wanted the Jenna Suvari doll to add to his action figure collection. Only problem was he couldn’t get the arcade claw machine to cooperate with him. Sexy tiny Jenna had all the gorgeous qualities of the Real

Skinny Lori from Texas Samples To Whet Your Appetite

Skinny Lori Texas Model Posing Nude for GamerChicks

Beautiful next-door neighbor Skinny Lori poses against a simple backdrop but with phenomenal results. This small boobed hottie also invites another school friend over to make this set even hotter by several factors!

GamerChick Molly Is Trapped In Her Gorgeous Tight Body

Molly donned some Mardi Gras fashion accessories for us while in the Gamer Chick laboratories and demonstrated proper necklace acquisition techniques. Steve Awesome was more than happy to document the process. Molly flashes her gorgeous 32A boobies for the camera

That One Time We Shot Fabulous Gamer Girl Violet Monroe

gamerchick violet monroe

Gorgeous little Violet Monroe stopped by our studio and model for Steve Awesome several years before she became known for being breathtakingly beautiful while sucking cock and looking smokin’ hot while getting fucked by male talent in pornos. Her lovely

Kandy Koleco Dances and Dances and Dances

kandy koleco and steve awesome

Gorgeous glamour model Kandy Koleco agreed to dance for one of our tame projects — and boy are we glad she did! How did we talk this glamour model into posing for our site? First of all we don’t ask

The (Not) Long Awaited 2001 A Space Odyssey Parody Trailer


The (not) long awaited 2001 A Space Odyssey trailer featuring vixen Jenna Suvari and resident cock guy Steve Awesome. Moon fucking? Yes. Click here to launch the @JennaSuvari 2001: A Space Odyssey Parody Trailer!

First Nude Photo Shoot of GamerChick Liz Ashley

I realize I have an earlier blog post on here somewhere where I describe how I was the first lucky photographer to shoot world famous glamour model Liz Ashley in the nude. It all started years ago in Houston, Texas.

GamerChick Trisha is a Naked Teen Bride

Teen bride Trisha stopped by to show off her wedding gown. Steve Awesome quickly made her remove it and reveal her perky little teen tits. This video lingers overs Trisha’s hottie little body for plenty of time. Originally shot using

Jenna Suvari Bangs Steve Awesome In Flynn’s Sex Arcade

Remember the 80s? You could take your girl down to Flynn’s Sex Arcade in the middle of the night and bang her against a TRON arcade video game or even a great pinball machine like Alien Poker! Jenna Suvari and

Jenna Suvari and Steve Awesome Fuck In Flynns Arcade

Jenna Suvari and Steve Awesome will soon be featured in the fictional Flynn’s Arcade through the magic of green screen and the laws of parody. Would two arcade players ever *really* hook up in an arcade? Actor Steve Awesome think

Gamer Girlfriend Jenna Suvari Plays Nintendo Wii Then Steve’s Wee Wee

18 year old Jenna Suvari was playing a Batman Lego game on her Wii and enjoying having the Dark Knight kick a bunch of other Lego asses. Then Steve showed up and slipped his hands down her tank top. Jenna

Arcade Claw Machine Gamer Girls Sex Tape!

The problem with gamer girls is that you never know when you’re going to find one. Sure, they show up at Comicon and other conventions — but those only happen every once in a while. What’d be great is if