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Introducing Mean Girls Inspired Starlet Erin Samuels

Gamer Chick Porn Star Erin Samuels

Please welcome newcomer Erin Samuels to the House of Steve Awesome and stuff. We shot with Erin just yesterday in fact. She’s only shot one other scene with another company this past weekend, so it was super fun to meet

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 1 – gamerchicks-002-78

We continued our tradition of shooting two different camera angles while Britney gets her sweet pussy banged, fingered, and sucked.

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 1 – gamerchicks-002-68

In this first half we get to see Britney's amazing huge full-C breasts heaving as she plays around with a new guy.

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 2 – gamerchicks-003-97

This video features two points of view so you won't miss one minute. We give you two times the Britney at once so you don't have to repeat yourself. Considerate? Yes.

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 2 – gamerchicks-003-68

She's replaced her last fuck toy with a new guy and this video is all about his failure to get hard enough to fuck.

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 2 – gamerchicks-003-45

Britney's boob job is a great success. Now that we're repatriated with her and filming her after video this is the first portion.

Britney’s Got Boobs: Part 2 – gamerchicks-003-0

Britney gets banged hardcore, sucks cock, and gets fingered excessively in this conclusion to her Boobs For Britney trade.

Britney Makes A Porn In Exchange For A Boob Job – gamerchicks-001-89

Britney's boyfriend (at the time) happily volunteered to fuck her hard and fuck her good for us. Moans, orgasms, and a facial ensue as you get to see Britney in split screen filmed by two camera men.

Britney Makes A Porn In Exchange For A Boob Job – gamerchicks-001-100

Watch this 19 year old student take cock in every position -- and love every minute of it. Enjoy those petite boobs while you can because in part 2 you're going to see some biiiiiig changes.

Britney Makes A Porn In Exchange For A Boob Job – gamerchicks-001-69

One day we asked her if she wanted to make a couple of sex tapes in exchange for a boob job with a surgeon. She said OK and this video is the first part that we shot prior to

Britney Makes A Porn In Exchange For A Boob Job – gamerchicks-001-28

Britney is only related to the more famous singer Spears by name. Unlike the latter, our Britney had gorgeous tiny breasts that we loved to suck on and pinch while fucking her gorgeous shaved pussy.

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-26

This wedding dress was procured during the fall from a store called RagStock. Trisha only wears it long enough for us to take it off! Was it worth the wait? Oh, yes!

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-8

We met Trisha by hitting up girls on MySpace wondering if they were down for some modeling. Trisha agreed and was naked in front of us in 4 hours, flat! She's a dreamgirl!

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-0

Gorgeous Trisha stopped by to show off her wedding gown. It didn't last long, however, as we made her take it off so we could get a good look at her perky 18 year old blonde titties.