Watch Nakie Kandy Koleco:

My series of models dancing whilest playing a certain XBOX videogame has been done for over a year. I shot Kandy’s videos in 3D but accidentally touched one of my cameras during the set-up resulting in the right-hand video being shot entirely zoomed in. My workaround was to simply off-set and replicate the left-channel. This left me with pretty much useless and not very classy video of zoomed in crotch shots. While I can understand that there may be a crude interest in that, I wasn’t comfortable using the video in the final product. Guess what? I’ve lowered my standards today! I keed. I keed. After taking a second look I felt that the accidental video angle would make an interesting abstract background. I rendered a new Adults Only version of the project and the first screenshot above is my proofing shot. The rest are outtakes prior to the music starting featuring Kandy Koleco stretching in preparation for busting out video game assisted dance moves.