photographers:’s WYCKED SEXY will flake on you

Here’s the profile of Wycked Sexy. I contacted her over the mail and initially received several enthusiastic messages. Normally upon contacting a model for adult work she’ll either write back right away or never reply and that comes with the territory. It takes a special motivation for someone to want to make some porn — versus having to do it out of desperation. None of the models who’ve worked with us have done so based on a desperate act — despite what aforementioned local fat ass douche-bag rival photographer has convinced himself. Fucker. So, anyway, when it came down to the shoot WYCKED SEXY she stood us up at the studio without an email, phone call or text. The phone number she’d provided worked but she didn’t answer. I didn’t bother contacting her again for another week or so — halfway assuming she would call/write/text and explain or apologize. So, when that didn’t happen, I called her number and she quickly answered. “Who’s this?” she said. I told her and she made an obviously contrived on-the-spot excuse along the lines that her cat was in heat. Yes. Srsly.

Hire her at your own risk. We will not be doing business with her and recommend that you do not either.