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Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-26

This wedding dress was procured during the fall from a store called RagStock. Trisha only wears it long enough for us to take it off! Was it worth the wait? Oh, yes!

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-8

We met Trisha by hitting up girls on MySpace wondering if they were down for some modeling. Trisha agreed and was naked in front of us in 4 hours, flat! She's a dreamgirl!

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-0

Gorgeous Trisha stopped by to show off her wedding gown. It didn't last long, however, as we made her take it off so we could get a good look at her perky 18 year old blonde titties.

Trisha is the Naked Dancing Bride – gamerchicks-004-4

This video lingers overs Trisha's hottie little body for plenty of time. Originally shot using a standard NTSC camera, we've enhanced this for HD and given it a technicolor magical look.

Fitness Girl’s CD Wasteland – gamerchicks-007-31

We finished up with her (not literally -- although we would love to jizz all over her face if given the chance!) and sent her home. We now have a bag of 250 slightly used CDs. CraigsList, anyone?

Fitness Girl’s CD Wasteland – gamerchicks-007-21

Big breasted Fitness Girl was quite patient as we navigated over her completely naked body while filming these artistic-ish scenes! Want to crawl all over a hot 18 year old girl? Now you can!

Fitness Girl’s CD Wasteland – gamerchicks-007-12

We have a lot of beautiful visual presentations of Fitness Girl's piercings and tattooes. This girl is going places! Check out those amazing boobs, I mean, come on!

Fitness Girl’s CD Wasteland – gamerchicks-007-4

This was Fitness Girl's first all nude feature video. We had thousands of Microsoft MSCE discs lying around so we flipped them upside down, made Fitness Girl take off all of her clothes, and shot her in a variety

Shadow Boxing With Fitness Girl – gamerchicks-009-8

Yes, finally. We fill that void. This is a sexy short with two distinct angles of Fitness Girl doing her best to fight you off of her sexy nubile body.

Shadow Boxing With Fitness Girl – gamerchicks-009-0

Fitness Girl has a beautiful smile, dazzling eyes, and amazing gorgeous breasts. What's she missing? A video of her shadow boxing while nude.

Get Fit With Fitness Girl – gamerchicks-010-7

We're all about busting out the exception to the rules, however, so here we go! Adorable cutie Fitness Girl works out with dumbbells and does some push-ups and sit-ups -- all while completely topless. Her gorgeous heaving breasts are

Get Fit With Fitness Girl – gamerchicks-010-0

Watching adorable young girls exercise while topless would probably be one of the best motivators if you're a fatty and want to be inspired go to the gym. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, young hotties like Fitness Girl don't normally

Bouncing with Fitness Girl – gamerchicks-011-11

Fitness Girl doesn't let up with the bouncing boobies, either. There is no resting here. You want to watch 18 year old blue-eyed college student breasts bounce around?

Bouncing with Christina – gamerchicks-012-8

We have several angles of our tiny hottie in this short that will surely satisfy guys who love large breasts!