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Watch me fuck a doll while PrettyLikeDrugs watches: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/330988/PrettyxLikexDrugs-amp-Doll-Fucker-Steve/ I will occasionally go through and re-edit a video that I’ve fallen out of love with my previous technical efforts. In this case I was using a straight sepia filter and

Watch me fuck this little doll here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/345123/Hot-Pink-Mini-Love-Doll-Fuck/ Way better looking samples of our final produced video (the 2D version for our Tumblr followers in this case). Equipment used: Two Canon HF20s mounted side-by-side for 3D video which fills the entirety

Created some animations from our Boy Toy Doll series that’s just about to start up again for http://RealDollSex.com – stay tuned for new crazy shit. REBLOG AND I’LL POST MORE!  😉 Buy the video where I fuck this RealDoll in

Watch Jenna Suvari’s 3-Way Sex Video With Steve and a RealDoll here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/306408/Jenna-Suvari-3-Way-With-Sex-Doll-amp-Steve/ A behind the scenes shot and screen-used action shot of Jenna Suvari in her first sex scene – filmed only 30 minutes after we’d met! See? I’m fast.

Tron Legacy Porn Parody Starring Jenna Suvari

Ah, the 21st century. Good times. Where else could one expect to see a gorgeous 18 year old girl dancing with an equally gorgeous sex doll? Jenna Suvari did the best she could to remove all of her inhibiting clothing

Pale Skin Blonde Hair Beauty Dances With The Doll

We all love our high resolution digital photography of RealDolls and BoyToyDolls having sex with humans. 18 year old blonde Glitter Girl had no problems posing for us in this super hot set that really got the blood boiling (and

Naughty Little Realdoll School Girl Tasia Teya Simone Doll Returns

Another hot fuck scene with realdoll Tila Tasia Simone. She starts out in the video standing by her window and texting her friends. Little does she know that Steve Awesome is walking around completely nude and super horny. In no

Not Another Obama Stimulus Package? It’s A Penis Stimulus Package With Realdoll Sex Doll Ignition!

Do I have another update for you or what? I do! It’s a brand spanking new DVD quality video featuring sex doll Tila Teen getting face fucked HARDCORE by none other than ME — Mr. Steve Awesome, esquire. My last

New Hardcore Video Of Steve Awesome with Tila Teen

We’ve got another video now available on REALDOLLSEX.COM which features naughty petite little model girl Tila Teen getting face fucked for the first time on camera. Watching this little party slut getting a giant cock shoved down her throat is