PrettyxLikexDrugs and Steve Awesome Fuck Coaching Trailer – realdollsex-082-0

Already flustered by Tasia Teya Simone Doll’s flirtations at the club, Pretty Like Drugs decided to go home and try for a hookup. Little did PrettyLikeDrugs know that Steve Awesome was already in on the same plan. Steve succeeds and Pretty has to watch him fuck her hardcore over and over. Sexy PrettyLikeDrugs is totally nude for most of the scene while an equally nude Steve Awesome bangs away in front of her with no where to escape. Steve Awesome’s thick penis easily slid in and out of Tasia Teya Simone Doll while poor little PrettyLikeDrugs had to watch and tough it out. Spooging jizz everywhere, Steve Awesome dropped his load all over Tasia Teya Simone Doll’s belly while innoccent 18 year old PrettyLikeDrugs looked on.

It’s the luckiest fireplace, ever! I sure do miss that location, but the leasing office staff were such stupid mindless drones. They had zero understanding of any of the style cues the designer put into the building. The chick running the office was so dumb she changed a 1960s style entry foyer because she thought it looked 40 years old. Srsly. The building was built in 2005 for fuck’s sake.

Sad face.

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Watch me fuck a doll while PrettyLikeDrugs watches:

Editing complete. Check out the samples of Pretty and then click the link below to view my new trailer. As you were! You may now recommence perving at your own discretion.

p.s. I just heard that model PrettyLikeDrugs has returned to Minneapolis after a long hiatus to “the ugly state of Virginia” this weekend.  

A few more from these series that I located: Kandy Koleco, Christina and the chameleon-like PrettyxLikexDrugs. Christina’s photo is from an HD video in case you’re wondering why it’s not like the others. Hey, Electric Company throw-back reference.