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Fitness Girl’s First Solo Masturbation – gamerchicks-018-56

Fitness Girl's smokin' hot pussy was soaked right away so there was only one logical thing left to do -- bust some orgasms. Make no mistake. There's no pretending or acting going on here!

Fitness Girl’s First Solo Masturbation – gamerchicks-018-62

Fitness Girl started getting off in a tight black dress and eventually takes everything off and masturbates fully nude. This gorgeous 18 year old geek girl chick experiences real orgasms. Nothing fake here, folks.

Fitness Girl’s First Solo Masturbation – gamerchicks-018-33

Fitness Girl didn't count on a sexy black and white porn to come on -- complete with timestamp! Oh, my, what to do? Well, how about a little self-love? Yes, please!

Fitness Girl’s First Solo Masturbation – gamerchicks-018-2

Beatiful tattooed goddess Fitness Girl figured she'd turn on the old timey radio and hit the sack for the night. Sexy sounds were emanating from her old time radio, however...

DVD covers for some of our scenes. These only got so far as being added to the iTunes downloads.