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The always amazing Liz Ashley in a set shot nearly 10 years ago! She hasn’t aged a day. Here is my obligatory “shooting a model against a black sheet” submission.

Here’s a set from model Liz Ashley that we shot with all the windows open while she posed on my (lucky) Yamaha baby grand piano. I’m including one slightly awkward pose for you foot lovers out there. This was shot

Here’s a teaser trailer I put together last year that made xPrettyxLikexDrugsx funny interview even funnier. The catch is she thinks she’s being interviewed for a hand modeling job and it turns out to be handjob modeling. “Pretty” is easily

Check out my gamer dance video samples starring super skinny 18 year old Willow Prim. Watch Willow dance nude in a fun erotic video here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/316949/Willow-Prim-Nude-Dancing-6-Times/

The process of getting this shoot set up involved picking the models from a catalog, sending details of what we needed and then wiring money for payment. Ah, the 90s. Good times.

Abbie Bueller leans over while washing her sports car in the nude. See this video in my Abbie short videos compilation here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/312331/Teen-Abbie-Bueller-Short-Vid-Compilation/

First Nude Photo Shoot of GamerChick Liz Ashley

I realize I have an earlier blog post on here somewhere where I describe how I was the first lucky photographer to shoot world famous glamour model Liz Ashley in the nude. It all started years ago in Houston, Texas.

RealDollSex Video Upgrade – Now With More AbbieTeen

AbbieTeen has ordered me to upgrade the quality of all her RealDoll videos so that they’re DVD quality (right now they are rather old school quality compared to what’s out there). So that’s a lot of fun. Here’s a fun