Hiring Houston Adult Models

Calling All Models

Help us create fun and quirky erotic entertainment — and get paid doing it! Bionic Intelligence is an adult entertainment production company currently hiring talent between the ages of 18-29 for adult video productions. We seek quality-minded models who want to work in a completely professional, safe and fun environment. All models are paid for their work at the time of the shoot.

We’re currently hiring female talent based on the following requirements:

  • 18-29 years old
  • Girl-next-door looks
  • Any experience level
  • Prompt & professional
  • Interest in multiple bookings

FYI, we don’t conduct test or audition shoots. Photo screening and a short interview is all that’s required for candidates. If you have representation please have them contact us directly. Volunteered testimonials of models we’ve worked with before are available upon request. If you have any interest *at all* in being considered for a casting then please click here to contact us. I can happily adjust any casting requirement (within reason) to accommodate talent comfort level and preferences.

Photo/Video Project Rates

Project base rates are calculated per scene and are not hourly. The estimated duration of a project shoot is typically 3 hours or less. Two forms of identification are required with at least one being a government issued photo ID.  Talent must sign our standard model release. For shoots with action code BG, a condom must be used *or* both models must enroll with Talent Testing Services and complete a Gold Standard Panel (GSP) test. Models will be compensated for the complete cost of this test plus $20 for incidentals at the time of shooting. Only models with test results of “Cleared Status” within 15 days of the previous test can book a shoot with us.

Here’s a generic list of the what usually comprises an action scene with us.

Action Code Action % To Rate Talent  Description
SM 4% female Self-masturbation (solo)
TJ 4% female Breast massage from male talent
MJ 4% female Hand masturbation from male talent
OJ 8% female Oral from male talent
HJ 13% female Hand masturbation upon male talent
FN 16% female Fully nude performance
JZ 17% female Receive male talent’s ejaculate upon the face including open mouth, upper body and breasts (we do not shoot cream pies)
BJ 17% female Perform oral upon male talent
BG 17% female Vaginal intercourse with male talent (we do not shoot anal scenes)
  Total   Total
[RATE] 100% of the above actions make up the total rate per scene