Dirty Girl Abbie Bueller’s Blog Making Comeback

Our favorite dirty girl Abbie Bueller will soon be making a comeback of sorts — at least on her blog DearAbbie.com. We’ve imported her previous entries which date as far back as 2002 when she was just a wee dirty girl lass of 18 years old. There’s a bunch of dead links in there so it will take some time to get things cleaned up, but expect a bunch of incomprehensible nonsense about vacations, stupid ex-boyfriends, not understanding how or why certain things work, and your general southern chick mentality — but hold the religion! Yeah, I think we lucked out with that part. Abbie Bueller’s blog may not have a lot of rich detail, but there’s something to be said about a super-hot dirty girl who walks around topless!

Yes, Abbie, I miss you. There, I said it.